Calling us

When you call us to inquire about a part, try to have with you as much information as you can on hand.
- year
- model
- chassis number
- or perhaps a part number off the part
This helps us to identify the part you're after as quickly as possible. And when you decide to come in and collect the part, we would have it ready for you so to eliminate any waiting time. Please note that because of options on these vehicles not all parts can be identified using information above.


Visit us

If you decide to call in and see us at 8 Moa Street Otahuhu, Auckland, bring your car with you. If that's not possible, bring all info as above or where posssible, a sample of the part you require. This way we can ensure that the part is correct and by calling in you can view what you're purchasing for your peace of mind.


Electrical Issues

These cars are equiped with tremendous amount of technology. If you are experiencing an electrical fault, or warning lights coming on on the dash cluster, it is advisable that it be diagnosed by a professional with an up-to-date scanner. Failing this may result in wrong parts being purchased, down times, and purchasing parts that were not required at all. Please note, some electrical recycled parts may need recoding/aligning after fitting it in your vehicle. We have recommended a few places you can take it to on the recommended repairers' page if you experience any of the above.


Faded lenses/Head lamp polishing

Some headlamps on these models are notorious to fade and plastic adjusters inside get brittle and break. This is the result of heat and our friendly UV rays. If this happens, you will experience poor light source, a badly align light beam and a failed WOF test. @ EURO1 we have the service of refurbishing these headlamps. This would save you hundreds of dollars on purchasing another pair of headlamps. Please note that not all headlamps are able to be refurbished. Call us to enquire now